PC-6 Porter (P3D)

PC-6 Porter (P3D)

Produced by Military Visualizations (MilViz)

“We’ve paid particular attention to the flight dynamics with a heavy focus on creating an aircraft that is realistic not only in the visual department, but also in the way it handles. The PC-6 Porter is a powerful and capable utility aircraft and we wanted to capture an authentic feel to the controls. Hundreds of hours of testing and expert refinement have resulted in a rewarding, yet ultimately enjoyable, flight experience that successfully mimics all aspects of the real world model, up to and including in-flight reverse pitch ‘beta’ mode.”


Micro Review

I have a thing for aircraft that are unusual – a break from the norm you might say. This adaptable aircraft comes with basic, floats, skis and tundra options! The turbo prop design gives it power while the straight wing gives it versatility. As a fan of grass strips this was a must and it didn’t disappoint. As is the MilViz way, the visuals are exceptional. The VC is one of the best I’ve seen. From an operators perspective, startup is simple: Battery, Ignition, Start, Generator, Avionics Bus x2… good to go! Of course you can dig into it deeper depending on your preference. It is not overly forgiving in the control department and some delicate ground handling is required. Whilst airborne I find it hard to trim until I’m up to a decent speed (caution, could be me!). It feels like it looks and working from inside the VC gives great views.

Overall, this is an excellent model and a must have aircraft for your virtual hangar! It provides ease of operation but challenging flight dynamics which should keep you working at honing your skills. In short: get it!

LINKS: MilViz | PC-6 | Wikipedia

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