T-38C Talon (P3D)

T-38C Talon (P3D)

Produced by Military Visualizations (MilViz)

“[MilViz’s] advanced version of the T-38C, significantly raising the bar on what’s possible in your simulator. This release represents one of the most accurate and detailed simulations of a military aircraft to exist within the MS Flight Simulator / P3D environment. We believe our new T-38C will bring an in-depth yet enjoyable training experience to your desktop.”


Airport used in the screenshots above is Portland International (KPDX) by Flightbeam Studios

Micro Review

You might start to get the impression that I’m a fan of MilViz! They’re attention to detail is excellent and the products they develop are never rushed into release. How do I know? I was a beta tester (though relatively minor due to a busy day job) for this model. As it stands, this model is for commercial release only, but I’m lucky enough to have a copy for helping out.

Installation is standard for all MilViz products and is managed via MVAMS. Controls and DTS (Data Transfer System, used for preloaded flight plans) can be customised. This is a lot of effort for day to day use, but for those setting up a commercial sim operating from a fixed location, it adequately simulates having a loaded DTC.

As a commercial product, it goes without saying that the model is fully study level! From a graphic point of view, I think you’ll agree, it looks amazing! Full PBR including the use of RealLight.

The physics model is also on point. It’s a handful to fly accurately and a steady hand and an efficient use of trim is required. The T-38C is flown using a healthy amount of ‘feel’ which is of course difficult to replicate without force feedback. MilViz has done a good job of using the sound of the buffet at the correct angles of attack to help pilots know when they’re at the limits.

Overall, this is an impressive product. It’s not an easy flyer by any means but that’s by design. The T-38C needs some thorough setup and knowledge of proper procedures if you’re going to get the most from her. And to avoid repeatedly crashing! Clearly, as a commercial product, operators will likely know what they’re doing and this model will facilitate some in-depth learning.

LINKS: MilViz | T-38C | Wikipedia

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