I’ve not got a coherent idea for this page so for now it’ll be a collection of useful stuff and cool screenshots!


Useful Guides

Chucks Guides – an amazing resource and a must for simmers of any level!

RedKite (YouTube) – Professional, well thought out and clear tutorials in easy bite sized chunks

Jabbers (YouTube) – Informative, insightful and funny as hell!

SpudKnocker (YouTube) – Some more decent tutorials

104th_Maverick (YouTube) – How I learnt the carrier circuit in the AV-8B

Jabbers No Nonsense FA-18 Tutorial


Useful for precision approaches in the AV8B.

EDITTING THE AWLS: Precision approaches cannot be made to an airfield that isn’t pre-programmed. Always backup your files before editing. The AWLS .lua file can be found at the following location.

DCS World\Mods\aircraft\AV8BNA\Cockpit\Scripts\RadioNav

KNEEBOARDS: Kneeboard plates can be accessed at the following location. They appear in-game (Shift K I believe) but if you want them on a separate tablet this could be useful. Works with Caucasus map but can’t find a similar folder for the Persian Gulf.

DCS World\Mods\terrains\Nevada\Kneeboard