I’m not selling this (unless you offer a good price!!) as a cure for all your sim problems. But it could just ease the problem of low fps and/or stutters in your system. Set your fps to unlimited (P3D options), display it top left (Shift + Z) and each time you make a change, see what difference it’s made.

I will update this post as I think of new techniques – feel free to add your own via any Facebook post where you see my website linked. Thanks

1. P3D Settings

Be honest – are you asking too much of your sim?? If you’ve got your settings similar to what you see below, it might be time to consider if your computer is able to cope with what you’re asking of it. Or on the other hand – how you can afford such expensive computers!!

Try reducing the settings and see how this impacts performance. Below are my settings for an i7 processor with 980Ti graphics card. Now, I have a lot of other addons that use the processor so I could go higher – but this is a reasonable compromise.

2. Scenery Settings

Similar to point 1 but hidden within each scenery installation. When you install a scenery it will tend to default to what will look the nicest. But you certainly don’t need it all. The example below from Orbx’s Squamish shows two whole pages of selectable items. The more you select, the lower your fps will be, as well as a potential increase in stutters. I found Squamish unusable until I found these options. Now it’s a favourite! These options can be found in FTX Central for Orbx products, or the associated scenery config tool with, for example, Aerosoft sceneries.

3. Scenery Density

If you have a lot of scenery in a small geographic area (Orbx!?!), your system will be trying to render it all at once! If you really want to get the most visual perfection rather than convenience, you could try deselecting scenery in your scenery library so that it doesn’t load when you fly near it. This means that you will have to plan your flight and know which airfields you won’t be going to. Of course, you can always add it in ‘on the fly.’

Map of Orbx sceneries

Software such as Aerosoft’s SimStarter NG can automate this for you. It allows you to preset what settings, scenery etc you want on a particular flight. For example, I like flying in the Pacific North West but don’t use all my airfields all the time. You could set one SimStarter profile to exclude certain airfields from the scenery library and increase the graphic settings. You can also set a profile to include all scenery but with lower settings. Each profile (along with the sim) can be loaded with one click. Endless possibilities.

4. Unrelated background processes

A simple one. Any unnecessary resources running in the background will take processing power from your CPU which could ultimately be dedicated to your sim. You can view task manager to see what’s running. You may find something particularly resource intensive that you can close down before flying. Common sense prevails here, and don’t got closing down things without knowing what they are!

5. External software

You may have flight sim related software that’s operating alongside Prepar3D. For example, ChasePlane, ASP4, Where’s My Aircraft (WAMA) etc. You will find that some of these will be constantly interacting with your flight sim and may cause stutters. Try disabling them one by one and seeing what the change in fps/smoothness is. I recently tried to minimise the impact of ASP4 as I noticed it jumping around in CPU drain whilst using Process Lasso. I changed the setting below and now it’s more stable. Whether this helps, I haven’t quantified yet! But common sense suggests that if the weather engine isn’t continuously updating in-sim visuals, it’s got to be a good thing!

Also bear in mind that WAMA, when used a lot, will inject your saved aircraft into your sim as a static model. They will be more detailed than scenery static aircraft and could have a performance impact.

WAMA – Downwind at Orcas with 3 other aircraft parked up

More to follow, stay tuned!

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