There is currently an issue with the Carenado Falcon’s VC at night (mine anyway!). It remains bright even when all lights are off. This only becomes an issue with TomatoShade shaders installed and not with default shaders. It’s worth noting that I don’t have Dynamic Lighting enabled and the monitor brightness does not affect it.

It doesn’t however affect other aircraft VCs and I’m wondering if it’s partly because of, as quoted on the Carenado website:

New interior reflections materials… [and] Realistic night lights effects on panel and cockpit


With Default Shaders

With TomatoShade Shaders

Anyone who has any idea of what this could be, please comment on the P3D V3 & V4 forum on Facebook. Thanks


4 Jan 18: It’s not dynamic lighting. This has been disabled.

5 Jan 18: It’s not FSL Spotlights. Also disabled.

13 Jan 18: Effect also noted on Carenado’s S340.