TOMATOSHADE: You can download TomatoShade via this website (Live Cockpits). Ensure, once installed, that you check for updates. It should be v27 or later.

INSTALL A PRESET: A good TomatoShade preset (the one I use) is available from this website (R&D Presets).

ENABLE REFLECTIONS: In the TomatoShade software interface, check that you have Extended Reflection Rendering enabled (under Advanced Reflections tab) to allow the reflection profiles to work.

Profiles – Work in Progress!

Many of these are simply quick reflection profiles that I’ve done to get the ball rolling. The results are pretty good (if I do say so!) but I intend to revisit them when time permits and upload an update.

Where a VC DRM is available, it fixes the issue that some Carenado aircraft have whereby the VC textures are highly reflective and fully lit when at night.

DISCLAIMER – You download and use these files at your own risk! They are created by CGAviator and should be credited as such when asked. By downloading you agree not to upload these to another website and, if sharing, you should send a link to this page.

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If there is an issue with one of the profiles, please get in touch so that I can resolve it before you vote. Thanks