G91 PHI Leeds to Lake District

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  • Create Date 15 February 2021


  • WPT 1: Leeds Bradford Int (EGNM). Takeoff and depart NW. Climb to 16500ft (VFR)
  • WPT 2: Lake Windermere. Enter low level and proceed North up the lake.
  • WPT 3: Carlisle Airfield. Enter the valley heading South from Carlisle.
  • WPT 4: 'Mercedes Junction.' Take the valley heading East towards RAF Leeming.
  • WPT 5: RAF Leeming (EGXE). You can make an approach here or turn South at the valley exit prior to WPT 5.
  • WPT 1: Leeds Bradford Int (EGNM). Return to your starting point.

The Lake District flow follows a NNW route before turning NE towards Carlisle. I will provide a map at a later date for this portion. The Carlisle WPT is for diversion purposes and is not intended (unless desired) as a flyover WPT.