G91 PHI RAF Valley to Mach Loop

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  • Create Date 15 February 2021


  • WPT 1: RAF Valley EGOV. Takeoff and depart South. Climb to approx 8500ft (VFR)
  • WPT 2: Hill on Llyn Peninsula. Enter low level heading East
  • WPT 3: 'Poison' Lake. Turn South
  • WPT 4: Entry Mach Loop. This portion is 'free nav.'
  • WPT 5: Entry A5 Pass. Low level NW to follow A5 towards RAF Valley. Climb to 2500ft at valley exit for recovery.
  • WPT 1: RAF Valley (EGOV). Return to your starting point.

I will post a map of the Mach Loop soon. You can use my Mach Loop demo in the MB-339 if desired.