G91 PHI London City Tour

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  • WPT 1: London City (EGLC). Takeoff and maintain runway heading til overhead the river.
  • FREE NAV: Turn SW towards Greenwich at 2500ft (VFR). Turn to fly N (inbound WPT 2) between Financial District and 02 Arena.
  • WPT 2: Olympic Park Velodrome. Overfly from S to N and loop around to the right to overfly again heading 230 inbound WPT 3.
  • NOTE: Stay N of the Gerkin etc. Worth cruising slightly high until you pick up the Mall.
  • WPT 3: Buckingham Palace. As you approach, line up with the Mall (road leading towards Palace. Sights include London Eye.
  • WPT 4: Kew Gardens. Overfly and head N.
  • WPT 5: Wembley Stadium. Overfly and return to WPT 3.
  • WPT 3: Buckingham Palace. Turn East to fly inbound WPT 1. You could follow the river to take in further sights including Westminster, HMS Belfast & Tower of London.

Don't fly too fast or you'll miss it! Recommend 250kt. After WPT 4 you have the option of routing West for an approach to London Heathrow.

Stay North of the Gerkin etc, approx between the two towers seen here on the right