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Position Homing Indicator (PHI)

No FMC, no INS, no VORTAC (ADF anyone!?)! However, the G-91 does bring you PHI – a doppler based system to determine distance travelled from a known point which will provide bearing and distance remaining to 5 pre-programmed waypoints.The Sim Skunk Works implementation involves you editting a *.ln3 file in notepad with decimal coords for the 5 waypoints. Functional but a tad time consuming.


  • Click on download title to view route info
  • Download PHI file (*.ln3) to the G91 PHI folder (see below)
  • Start the sim, open the G-91 Setup Program
  • Load the PHI file.
  • PHI selector (top left of compass card) – selected (it defaults to ADF)

PHI Files

Clicking the title below will take you to the route overview and image. Or you can click ‘download’ to get the file instantly.

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Make your own

Some resources to help you plan your own PHI ‘flight plan.’

  • Sky Vector (route coords from Nav Brief)
  • (converting decimal format)
  • Google Maps (route plan, provides decimal coords)
  • G91 PHI Files (Community\simskunkworks-aircraft-g91\Data\phi-files)
  • G91 Setup Program (Community\simskunkworks-aircraft-g91\Data)