GPS Routes for GA/Military

Below are some of the flight plans that I’ve used in my recent YouTube videos. The coordinates can be copied into SkyVector if desired (Departure/Destination ICAO then the coordinates into Route section). I will also include a downloadable *.pln file that you can copy into your MSFS Flight Plan folder and use in your sim.



Little Nav Map (freeware FPL software)

SkyVector Routes

Can be copied into SkyVector if desired.

Low Level Newcastle to Edinburgh via Spadeadam (UK)

EGNT 545511N0013607W   545146N0020136W   545927N0020906W   545731N0022814W   550256N0023515W  551332N0023523W  552525N0024902W  553359N0025602W  553005N0031110W  551832N0032510W  553031N0034130W  EGPH

England Low Level RAF Leeming to Bristol Airport (UK)

EGXE 540424N0015456W   535748N0020329W   534704N0020545W   533736N0014629W   532431N0014451W   525922N0015337W   524956N0015638W   523844N0021831W   522811N0023442W   520510N0024805W   514923N0024150W   513822N0024005W   513038N0024322W   512402N0022713W EGGD

Scotland Medium to Low Level Newcastle to Inverness (UK)

EGNT 555442N0021227W  564235N0022933W  563748N0025508W  570156N0031619W  565929N0033359W  564320N0035621W  564117N0042516W  564528N0042846W  565604N0041616W  570935N0044007W  572448N0042020W EGPE

Mach Loop Medium to Low Level RAF Valley (UK)

EGOV 525148N0033855W  524219N0035053W  530421N0034754W  530446N0040043W  530815N0040911W  EGOV

Sidewinder Low Level from/to Edwards AFB (USA)

KEDW 353845N1182856W  360636N1182907W  362444N1180034W  363537N1175832W  370253N1181247W   370911N1174611W 370210N1173705W  364757N1174541W  363050N1173403W  362041N1172105W  353920N1172137W   353637N1173134W  352524N1174019W  KEDW


Files are zipped due to file upload restrictions. Files are downloaded at users own risk. Follow guide in video for how to use them. For ease you can copy these into the ‘LocalState’ folder as this is where MSFS will open when you request to load a flight plan. But ultimately you can navigate to wherever you save them.

MSFS Flight Plan folder: C:\Users\*name*\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState